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Hello again

Yes, back to school it was in October. I did the second level twice, because in winter, first time since I moved to Amman, I caught one bad cold after the other and dropped out at half term. In February, I restarted and now there is only one week left till the final exams. No matter the outcome, it was worth it, but it took more than I had anticipated. Five days a week, three hours – full hours – every morning and a teaching level that is meant to prepare students for entry in university within four semesters. Heavy on grammar, to a point that my arabic family has given up helping me. I enjoy it, although it was often overwhelming and I am all but sure how I will do next week. This morning, I should be studying, but it felt I also should get ready for what comes after that. Not the summer course with the third level, if ever I dare to try that one, I will need a better chance than I would have in the heat and with the month of Ramadan ahead. Maybe in October, or better February again. InshaAllah.

Due to my sickness I spent time cuddling under a blanket on the seat and managed to finish my 2013 NaNo project on time, rewarding me with a paid version of Scrivener. This will be a help to my next big one.

The NaNo project, actually counting close to 80K words, waits for editing during June and July. I chose a more simple story, crime, some interesting background, again in German. With some luck and a lot of work I hope this to be the first one that I will actually be able to publish – or to offer to a publisher, I am still debating with myself about self publishing or not.

August might see me in Europe – which will mean less time and concentration for new writing. But I might do some research for the new one, and maybe for a historical topic I have been playing with recently.

Enough of this talk, I should go back to my grammar. But I hope after this I will make myself blog more – here and on the German sites. Comments and questions are most welcome, I realized that I thrive on feedback.


Writing diary – Start

Writing. I started when I was about ten or twelve years old, at least, I tried. I had read Alcott’s “Little Women” and Jo gave me the first idea that it was possible to write down the stories I told myself and – maybe, one day – get them printed.
At that time there was no internet, it was Germany in the seventies. A small town, one small bookshop, a half-decent library where I sometimes helped and was allowed to chose whatever and how many books I wanted. So, reading was good, but I never told anybody about writing. I did not know that there were books that might teach you how to write better. Maybe in Germany at that time they might not even have been available. Creative Writing, as it is taught in the USA since longtime, has only recently found a way into German teachings.
So, I came around another book about a girl who wanted to write. A German book, btw. And, when she told her teacher about it, what was the reaction? More or less, first grow up and get some experience in living, then think about writing. It turned me off for quite some time. But still, I did not stop completely. Sometimes, life got in the way, and for too many years I earned my life with writing stuff for others – meaning, only the words were mine, not the content.
Then, one day, I cleaned out my desk never to return. I spent time here and there, and slowly, not only my stories, but also my taste for giving them a voice crawled out of the retreat where they had hidden.
Things changed, scenes changed, company changed …. I learned quite a lot, starting with internet use, then also writing itself. My view turned to the things I wanted to write about, to let people know what often is not seen.
Since, I have done a lot of blogging – in German. Got feedback, critics, nice words, and some hate, too. I don’t mind.
There are some WIP (works in progress, as my friends at the “Absolute Write” call them) I intend to finish before seriously turning to writing in English for good. I hope I will get somewhere with them. They all are contemporary – I don’t like Fantasy etc. too much, and history, what I love, needs more research than I can manage from here if I want to do it as I think it should be done.
Actually, two of my manuscripts are first drafts, one already with some editing, but both need a fair amount of rewriting. A third has about 10K words, but that might be easier to finish and an easy read, rather a serious love story in some interesting setting.
Two or three more ideas, with some planning done, one itching my imagination. That one, though, might be better in English. InshaAllah, as we say here.

The idea of this writing diary is for me also to commit myself of finishing them, one after the other. I will be happy if anyone cares to talk to me about this or that and will try to put some information here.