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Hello again

Yes, back to school it was in October. I did the second level twice, because in winter, first time since I moved to Amman, I caught one bad cold after the other and dropped out at half term. In February, I restarted and now there is only one week left till the final exams. No matter the outcome, it was worth it, but it took more than I had anticipated. Five days a week, three hours – full hours – every morning and a teaching level that is meant to prepare students for entry in university within four semesters. Heavy on grammar, to a point that my arabic family has given up helping me. I enjoy it, although it was often overwhelming and I am all but sure how I will do next week. This morning, I should be studying, but it felt I also should get ready for what comes after that. Not the summer course with the third level, if ever I dare to try that one, I will need a better chance than I would have in the heat and with the month of Ramadan ahead. Maybe in October, or better February again. InshaAllah.

Due to my sickness I spent time cuddling under a blanket on the seat and managed to finish my 2013 NaNo project on time, rewarding me with a paid version of Scrivener. This will be a help to my next big one.

The NaNo project, actually counting close to 80K words, waits for editing during June and July. I chose a more simple story, crime, some interesting background, again in German. With some luck and a lot of work I hope this to be the first one that I will actually be able to publish – or to offer to a publisher, I am still debating with myself about self publishing or not.

August might see me in Europe – which will mean less time and concentration for new writing. But I might do some research for the new one, and maybe for a historical topic I have been playing with recently.

Enough of this talk, I should go back to my grammar. But I hope after this I will make myself blog more – here and on the German sites. Comments and questions are most welcome, I realized that I thrive on feedback.


All new – maybe

I must be crazy. Starting this new blog now after I decided last month to finally take classes in Arabic. Fact is, I have been here since four years. I can read vocalized texts, with non-vocalized I try a guess, I understand some, mostly single words or everyday conversation. I CANNOT reply in more than one-word-sentences, and this has been annoying me from the first.
Most people seemed to expect that I should learn the language just from living here. Two reasons why that did not work out: I was always quite good at learning languages, but never, never just from hearing it spoken. Without book, grammar and some explanation I just cannot make it. Second reason: the persons to whom I speak most talk English with me, and no one has time or nerve to teach (and I know that this is hard to impossible within the family).
So, now, as I saw the chance to get into a decent school, I had myself admitted for the summer course. Starting at 9th June I will attend classes five days a week from 9 am to 1 pm and then come home to study some more, as I was told. I am rather excited. InshaAllah this will work out.
Still, I am apprehensive: the summer course runs for two months, meaning, nearly all of Ramadan. That will be hard on me this year, I am afraid. On the other hand, I did not want to wait until the next trimester starts in October, especially as the shorter summer course is much cheaper and I just wanted to give the place and their teaching methods a try. If I cannot manage or do not like it, it will not be such a big loss. But I do not know if I will make it ….

Thinking about it, I have some hopes – meeting other people, hearing new things and, if all goes well, have better means for communication. I might write about my schooldays here, too.
Tomorrow starts with an entry test to find out, which level I will have to start at.